What Does Pest Control Do For Mice

What Does Pest Control Do For Mice
March 11, 2023

If your home has a severe mice infestation or you are having difficulty getting rid of the mice, contacting a pest control company is a good option. Professional mice exterminators are authorized to use specific chemicals and employ effective methods. They use meticulously laid out procedures to get rid of mice. They use techniques that work for different types of mice and levels of infestation. Let’s look at the procedures they employ.

Remove Entry Points

A reputable pest control company will begin with this step. A mice exterminator will inspect the inside and outside of your home, identify entry points, and seal them with sheet metal, wire mesh, or hardware cloth. The exterminator will secure the seal to prevent mice from entering or exiting. Pipes and vents are examples of entry points.

Eliminate Food Sources

If you have pets, keep their food in airtight receptacles rather than storing it in store-bought bags. Mice can easily gnaw through these. All boxed goods should be kept in the pantry and refrigerator in airtight containers out of the way. Additionally, to ensure no enticing food scraps draw mice, you should buy trash cans with lids and frequently bleach them. Take care to clean up spills and debris in the kitchen, and try to avoid taking meals outside.

Construct Traps

The mice exterminator strategically places traps in your basement, kitchen, attic, bedroom, and bathrooms. They use a variety of traps, including glue traps, snap traps, and other live capture traps. This method aids in the control of a smaller mouse infestation. In the event of a large infestation, this technique will aid in the reduction of the mouse population.

Use Of Bait Stations

Bait stations are similar to traps in killing mice, whereas traps capture them alive. Bait stations use the technique of making poisoned treats available for mice to eat and die from. The mice exterminator returns after a few days to remove the bodies of dead mice, preventing hygiene issues and bad odors from infesting the home. This technique reduces the population of mice and eliminates mice more quickly.


Fumigation is a pest control method that can also eliminate mice. When all other extermination methods fail to get rid of mice, mice exterminators resort to this method as a last resort. This method is costly, dangerous, and may require you and your family to leave the house for several days or weeks. Exterminators use chemicals such as magnesium phosphate, aluminum phosphate, carbon dioxide, and methyl bromide for fumigation.

What’s Next?

At Tornado Pest Control LLC, our experts will inspect your home and determine the type of mice infestation. From there, we’ll devise an extermination strategy for your problem. We give you free estimates for our work, explain how we plan to eliminate the mice from your home or business and let you know what it will take. We are also available to help you with any other pest control services that may be needed. Contact us today!