How To Kill Hornets In The Ground

How To Kill Hornets In The Ground
March 3, 2023

Ground hornets are drawn to places where they can hunker down and construct colonies. One of their favored nesting spots in your garden will entice them to stay. The best action plan to eliminate ground hornets is to hire a professional exterminator. You run the chance of getting stung repeatedly, and some stings can negatively affect people. Here are some steps to get rid of ground hornets yourself.

Insecticide Dust

The most effective method for removing ground hornets around vegetation is insecticide dust. Contrary to common belief, these chemicals won’t harm your garden’s flowers. Make sure to buy the additional equipment along with the insecticide dust. You can spray the nest without getting too close with a duster with a long pole included.

Additionally, you must apply insecticide dust at a particular time. Spraying should be done at night or early in the morning when ground hornets are in the colony. Applying the dust straight into the opening is best. Then, give it two to three days before approaching the nest to check the outcomes.

Water and Detergent Together

If you’ve ever had to deal with ground hornets, you already know that the most straightforward method for getting rid of them is a detergent and water solution. Ground hornets can be handled using the same technique.

Locate the nest first, then drape a cloth over the opening. So that it doesn’t move, fix it in position. After that, insert the soapy water combination into the hole.

Since the fabric stops the hornets from swarming outside, water should drown the hornets inside the nest. Their wings will become immobile from the soap, making flight difficult. Remove the covering in the morning after leaving the nest covered for the night.

Homemade Hornet Catcher

Even though you have yet to find the colony, hornets make you uneasy. The most excellent option might be a homemade trap. It is the most efficient method of reducing hornet populations without using pesticides. This approach is frequently chosen by those with pets and those who dislike using pesticides in their yard.

A soda container is required; the bigger, the better. Cut it at the throat and stuff the inside with olive oil or something sweet. Along with that, add some water. Put the piece you cut off back into the container, remove the cap, and turn it.

How To Detect Ground Hornets On Your Property

When a single ground hornet is present in your yard, it is more likely that you will spot her when she is out and about consuming nectar in your garden or hunting for food for her young.

On the other hand, having numerous ground hornet nests in your yard can be catastrophic. Ground hornets can cause extensive yard damage in large populations, including dead and dying grass, distorted gardens, patchy lawn areas, and more.


The best way to get rid of a hornet’s nest is by contacting an expert. Tornado Pest Control LLC is a professional pest control company that can help you eliminate hornets. We have the knowledge and equipment to safely remove your hornet’s nest. We have years of experience and can help you with any pest problem that you may have.