Does Pest Control Get Rid Of Roaches

Does Pest Control Get Rid Of Roaches
March 18, 2023

A cockroach scurrying across your kitchen floor is an easy way to ruin a clean home. After all, if you see one, there are probably more, indicating an ongoing infestation that will necessitate professional roach control services to stave off and eliminate. The key to dealing with a roach problem is to catch one before it gets out of hand.

What to Expect After Roach Extermination

After professional cockroach pest control services have treated your home, you should notice a decrease in cockroaches, nesting components, and usual indications of infestation. Don’t be confused if you see some roaches still fleeing your property.

Why Are Roaches Still Present After Pest Control?

Cockroach pest control treatments frequently take time, and they do not permanently wholly eliminate roaches – some will survive but will most likely find the quickest way out of your property. If your infestation is unusual, you may see roaches during the day. The pest treatment has most likely repelled them, causing their nesting and living habits to be disrupted.

Do Roaches Swell After Spraying?

Are you seeing more roaches now that you’ve paid for professional pest control? Don’t worry. It means it’s working! You’ll probably notice more roaches than usual right after starting treatment, but this is because they’re trying to avoid the chemicals that are killing them.

What Should You Do If You Still See Roaches After Treatment?

The most important thing to remember when having your home treated for roaches is to be patient. Some factors make cockroaches challenging to control.

The most effective pest control treatments will likely reduce roach activity within days, while total control and elimination of your infestation may take months. It would be useless to attempt to combine DIY pest control methods with expert services at this time because doing so would only set you back.

However, you should avoid assuming success – if there are still many roaches in treated areas around your property, communicate with your pest control professional for proper estimation and expectations.

Cleaning Up Bug Spray

Keep kids and pets out of treated areas until it’s dry and settled for optimal results and safety. Warm soapy water and paper towels will clean up a sprayed area. To prevent the treatment mixes from spreading throughout your home, turn off the air conditioning and any nearby vents until they have also settled. 

Regardless of the pest control product you choose, be careful to discuss safety precautions and best practices with your pest control specialist. Remember the value of ongoing pest management, especially during certain seasons.

What’s Next?

Tornado Pest Control LLC takes pest control to the next level. We understand the stress and anxiety that cockroaches cause and how much worse it will be if left untreated. As a result, our licensed technicians use cutting-edge pest control technology and environmentally friendly solutions to leave you and your property clean and safe. If you need help dealing with a cockroach infestation or learning how to prevent one, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We’d be delighted to assist.