How To Control Ants In House

How To Control Ants In House
February 25, 2023

Ants are unwelcome house guests. Most homeowners experience an ant problem at some point because about 1,000 species of ants are in the nation. Nobody enjoys living with bugs, whether it’s a trail of tiny black ants leading to the kitchen or big carpenter ants nesting on your deck. Here are a few tips for effectively getting rid of ants: 

Keep Your House Clean

Ants consume almost everything done by humans. They will eat any food scraps or crumbs left over, but they are particularly drawn to sweets. Additionally, as soon as one discovers the source of this sweetness, one will leave a scent trail to draw in the other ants in the colony. Quickly clean up spills, especially those involving soda, honey, and maple syrup, if you want to avoid an immediate massive ant infestation. Additionally, store all food in airtight containers. Your first line of defense against ants is a clean home. Don’t leave dirty dishes around the house; instead, sweep up food crumbs, wipe up spills, take out the trash, and sweep up food crumbs.

Spray Ant Nest And Entry Points

After cleaning your home, take precautions to prevent their return. You must locate the nest, cover the ant hill with boiling water, or treat specific areas with an outdoor insecticide. Spray insecticide around the windows and doors after that. Enough water should be sprayed along entry points to cover a 4-inch-wide band. After drying, the spray leaves an imperceptible film that keeps ants away from the house. Spray the insecticide to prevent ants. However, remember that this only serves to deter ants from entering; it can potentially obstruct the use of ant baits and won’t eliminate ants already inside.

Set Ant Baits

Ant baits are one of the most effective ways to eliminate an ant infestation. Place them there and prepare for a party if you see ants. When scouts follow the sweet, sugary bait syrup back to the colony, it kills larvae and aids in population control, and eliminates any ants that consume it. If you have pets, carefully inspect the packaging and take care when placing ant baits.

Call The Pros

You may have an infestation if a few ants grow into an army after you exhaust all other options. Invite a professional to look over your house. They can correctly identify the species of ants and eradicate them. A pest control company will have all the right equipment to eliminate an ant infestation. They’ll also be able to deal with any other pests that may be invading your home and help you prevent future issues.


There are numerous techniques for getting rid of ant colonies in homes. Suppose you try those methods and still have problems with ant infestations. Yes, all-natural remedies can eliminate the issue, but in most cases, professional exterminators are required. Moreover, Tornado Pest Control LLC offers expert ant control services. We are aware that ant infestations can be annoying and problematic. Thankfully, you don’t have to handle it by yourself. We provide the best service and solution to your problems.