Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Spiders

Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Spiders
March 25, 2023

Crawling arachnids like spiders can cause more than just discomfort in the house; they can also strike fear and awe into the hearts of those who live there. Although some spiders may pose a health risk due to their venom, it’s important to note that not all spiders are hazardous. For this reason, eliminating spider infestations should be a high priority.

Pest control services are one of the best ways to eliminate spiders. With a trained technician, you can rest easy knowing no spider will be left behind. Here’s how exterminators can help you get rid of spiders:

Define The “Spider Problem.”

To effectively cure a spider problem, you must understand what it is. Every property will have a different spider problem, primarily based on how comfortable the homeowner is with spiders.

Find The Source 

There is a location for spiders to nest if there are many of them in your home or on your property. These nesting locations are typically plain sight, including basements, attics, sheds, and crawl spaces. 

Locate and identify these locations for two reasons. First, we can eliminate most of the spiders to lower the current number of spiders, and second, we can stop the breeding going on there, which will reduce the future number of spiders. 

Remove & Treat 

Having a vacuum to eliminate the spiders and a powerful but non-toxic spider repellent to treat the area can be helpful. 

Eliminate spider breeding grounds before using a residual chemical treatment to reduce daily spider activity. Clear out all stray spiders and webs in areas with high spider activity to restore the property’s original state. To maximize the impact of your efforts, you should also perform that step if you’re treating yourself. 

Check for Entry Points and Remove Temptation 

Close all entry points and remove potential attractants to prevent spider recurrence after elimination. Look for minor access points as you would for ants or other insects.

This includes locations like: 

  • between the window frames
  • close to garage doors 
  • vented dryers 
  • entries in utility lines 

Remove the temptation for spiders by eliminating their prey. Spider infestations are often found in areas with high insect activity. Destroying other insects will lead to the elimination of spiders.


Like other pests, a single treatment can’t completely eradicate spiders. It takes time and effort to avoid and get rid of spiders. If you’re utilizing one of our maintenance plans, we’ll visit you regularly to remove, treat, and seal the problem areas. The spiders will keep coming back, but their numbers will decline as long as we continue to treat them. There will eventually be a point where you no longer see any spiders at all. 

What’s Next?

At Tornado Pest Control LLC, we want to ensure you’re free from the threat of spiders. Our technicians are trained to recognize the signs of an infestation, and we have the knowledge and experience to get rid of them for good. We’ll treat your home with safe chemicals that won’t harm humans or pets and seal off entry points so no more spiders can enter your home. If you need help with a spider problem, don’t hesitate to contact us today!