How To Safely Clean Up Rodent Droppings

How To Safely Clean Up Rodent Droppings
April 8, 2023

Rodents of various kinds, including rats, mice, and others, are responsible for the deaths of many humans because they spread disease. A person’s health is at risk if they come into contact with the feces of these tiny critters since it contains infections like hantavirus, typhus, and salmonella. You think rodents may be in your home because you’ve discovered droppings. If so, you should look into the proper procedures before sanitizing the area and don protective gear like gloves and masks to deal with the droppings.

Here are the steps on how to safely clean up after rodents:


Ventilate the space by opening doors and windows for at least 30 minutes to allow fresh air to enter the area. Use cross-ventilation whenever possible. All people need to leave the site during the airing-out period.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

When sanitizing areas contaminated by rat waste, rubber, latex, or vinyl gloves are recommended, and dust masks help prevent exposure to dust, mold, and insulation fibers. However, they are not effective against the hantavirus. When cleaning, remove the gloves, sanitize them with soap and water, and throw them away.

Spray And Mop

After soaking the affected area for 10 minutes in a bleach solution, you can use paper towels or rags to remove the droppings or nesting material. Keep garbage undercover by using trash bags to dispose of used cleaning supplies. Avoid using a vacuum or broom. This practice raises dust, an allergy, and a potential hantavirus vector. One cup of bleach to nine cups of water (a 10% solution) is the standard recommendation for making bleach solution. If you’re using a commercial disinfectant, dilute it and let it sit for the time recommended on the packaging.

Disinfect Thoroughly

Disinfect any surfaces or products that may have been contaminated by rodent urine or droppings once removed. Put the gloves in the trash can and remove the gloves before washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Each day’s worth of PPE should be decontaminated immediately after being put away. Cleanup debris that cannot be burned or buried deep on site should be double-bagged in proper plastic bags to prevent the spread of disease. The wrapped items must be marked as infectious waste and disposed of in compliance with state and federal regulations.


In light of this information, it is clear that the waste products of these animals pose a serious threat to human health and must be eliminated. These pheromone trails provide a constant means of communication and interaction among rodents of the same species. Conduct a thorough inspection of your home for pests and the damage they may have caused.
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