What Can I Use to Kill Bed Bugs

What Can I Use to Kill Bed Bugs
September 6, 2023

A bad experience with bed bugs can ruin an otherwise restful evening. These small, bloodsucking bugs have been an issue in homes, hotels, and public settings for ages. If you’ve recently discovered an infestation, you may wonder how to eliminate those pesky bed bugs and reclaim your home using bed bug extermination services. This article will discuss numerous strategies for effective bed bug removal.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is an excellent method for eliminating bed bugs. Exposure to temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius) over an extended time is lethal for bed bugs. When treating bed bugs, exterminators will typically utilize specialized heating equipment to get the temperature of the contaminated area up high enough to kill the insects without harming the people or animals in the space.


Commonly used tools in the war against bed bugs include heat treatments and insecticides. Sprays, dusts, and aerosols containing pyrethroids are just some options. Insecticides pose serious health risks if not used correctly, so always read and follow the label. Since bed bugs have developed a tolerance to some insecticides, it’s best to switch between different types of pesticides periodically.

Steam Treatment

High-temperature steam is used to kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact, and this method does not involve using any chemicals. Steam can get into nooks and cracks where bed bugs hide, killing them. You’ll need a steamer equipped with a powerful heating element and the right accessories to achieve optimal results.


The physical removal of adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs from surfaces is facilitated by vacuuming, making it an essential component of bed bug control. While vacuuming alone may not be enough to eliminate a severe infestation, it can significantly lower the population and increase the efficacy of subsequent treatments. To make sure that no bed bugs are released from the vacuum bag, you should promptly dispose of it after use in a sealed plastic bag.


Bed bug encasements are covers for your mattress and box spring that keep the insects within and out of your bedroom. Mattress and box spring encasements are highly effective at preventing the spread of bed bugs. Make sure to acquire encasements specifically designed to protect against bed bugs.

Professional Pest Control

It is recommended to call in pest control experts if a bed bug infestation is very bad or long-lasting. The level of infestation and the best course of treatment can only be determined by a trained specialist with access to the requisite materials. Advice and other treatments are available to help prevent further infestations.


An effective plan for eradicating bed bugs typically combines more than one of the above tactics. While do-it-yourself approaches may help in the short-term, in the long-term, severe infestations require the knowledge and resources that can only be provided by professionals.

When you call Tornado Pest Control LLC, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our staff is well-equipped to deal with even the most severe bed bug infestations because of our extensive training and cutting-edge equipment. We provide thorough bed bug removal services, from inspection to treatment to post-infestation advice, so you and your family can relax in peace.