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Most people do not understand why it is essential to protect their homes against pest infestation. You may be among the people who have not thought of the necessity of having your home protected from pests. This is surprising considering that many homeowners would not want to live with problems in their homes. Do not get wrong about underestimating the importance of having pest control Universal City TX services.

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Not only are pests annoying and unsightly, but they can also carry diseases that can make you sick. Luckily, there’s a way to escape these problems and keep your home pest-free: hiring an exterminator! If you’re not persuaded whether or not you need an exterminator, here are the benefits of hiring one for your home:

  • Exterminators are licensed professionals trained to handle any pest issue. They’ll come to your property, assess the situation, and determine the best course of action for getting rid of those pesky pests.
  • They have years of experience dealing with different kinds of pests and know how to handle them safely so they don’t spread their germs throughout your home. At the same time, they work on removing them from your property altogether (hopefully!).
  • The best part about using a professional like this is that they know what works best when removing pests from within your walls without causing damage or harm to other parts of the house, physically or financially, if something goes wrong during the treatment process.

Universal City TX Pest Control Company

If you’re a Universal City, Texas resident, then you probably already know what your home or business needs to thrive. A strong foundation and a solid roof are essential. But so is pest control—particularly if you want to keep your business running smoothly.

Pests can cause damage to both the structure of your home or business and its contents, leading to costly repairs or replacements. They can also cause health problems for those who live or work there. Pests are drawn by the food source provided by humans and animals; without proper pest control in place, they’ll continue returning for more.

That’s why it’s essential for anyone living or working in Universal City to as soon as you notice signs of an infestation, contact a reputable pest control company.: The sooner we come out, the less likely we are to find evidence of severe damage or an infestation that requires more than just eliminating the current problem pests!

Best Pest Control Company Universal City TX

In the wild, you must always watch your back—and in the city, you have to be wary of pests. If you see a bug or rodent scurrying across your floor, it’s time to call in an exterminator. But who do you call? Tornado Pest Control LLC. And why we are the best pest control Universal City TX company, you need to consider these factors that we have:


The initial thing you need to do when looking for a pest control company is to ask around. Speak with your loved ones and friends if they have used pest control services in the past or ask around on social media. You can also look at our reviews online. You can even check out multiple sources before deciding which company to choose.

Universal City TX Pest Control Company
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The second thing you should consider when looking for a pest control company is cost. We can give an estimate before signing any contracts or making any payments so that you can compare prices & find one that fits your budget. You can always ask us about our payment plans, so there aren’t any surprises later on when it comes time to pay up!

Treatment Options

The first and vital thing you should know is what kind of treatment options are available from the company you are considering. Some companies offer various services, while others specialize in one or two things. If you have a serious infestation problem, our pest control experts are always to your needs to be able to offer a variety of solutions.

Time Frame for Treatment

Another critical factor is how quickly your pest control technician can get on-site and start treating your home or business. Pests breed speedily and multiply rapidly, so you must have someone who can come out quickly enough to prevent an infestation from getting out of hand. Tornado Pest Control LLC will be there fast!

Customer Service

A good pest control company will also offer excellent customer service. And that is why we are available by phone whenever necessary and always willing to answer queries or address concerns you may have about their services or policies.

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Licensed and Insured

All pest control companies should be licensed. This means we have passed a state-administered test and must follow all state regulations when providing services. And we are definitely insured if something goes wrong during an inspection or treatment.


Experience matters! The best way to ensure that your pest control professional has the skills necessary for effective treatment is to look for someone with years of experience in their field—and who has a track record of satisfaction from clients like you!

Stop Pest Infestations in Your Home or Office Now!

Tornado Pest Control LLC is a family-owned, local pest control service in Universal City, Texas. We have been providing customers with quality pest control services for years. We provide our service to residential clients as well as commercial clients. We are masters in the field of pest control, and we have the knowledge and experience needed to help you get rid of all types of pests.

Our company is licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your home or business will be protected from any damage caused by pests. 

Pest Control in Universal City, TX

In addition, all of our technicians are certified professionals who had undergone rigorous training and passed a rigorous exam before they were allowed to work on your premises. Our pest control Universal City TX experts will inspect your property for signs of infestation, identify the type of pest(s) causing the problem and recommend the best action based on the severity of infestation and type of pests involved to ensure that we provide you with effective long-term solutions for your pest problems. Contact us today if you want professional pest control services for your home or business!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of ways that pests can enter a home. Ants, mosquitos, bugs, and other pests use trees, shrubs, and parts of gardens as ladders into homes through windows. They can also enter in through small openings that you might overlook. Let us check your house and see what the best ways to keep your house pest free are.

Being proactive is always better than becoming reactive, which also applies to preventing pests from coming or returning to your home. You can decide whether you want your home protected when they arrive. Tornado Pest Control will help you with this matter. Just give us a call to end your pest concerns.

The most vital products available nowadays last 60 to 90 days. After that, they biodegrade and blend into the ecosystem; otherwise, the Environmental Protection Agency wouldn’t have registered them (EPA). To get a tailored solution for your pest problem, seek expert assistance like Tornado Pest Control.

You may have products around your house that can deter ants from entering, such as salt, baby powder, lemon juice, chalk, vinegar, bay leaves, cinnamon, or peppermint oil. If you spread these out in ant-infested locations, the ants will stop using those areas as entrances into your home, but when you can no longer handle them after doing these, we will help you solve the ants’ problem.

Your chosen service provider should be knowledgeable, certified, and adhere to the strictest industry standards like Tornado Pest Control. Pest control is worth the investment when you want your home and business to be protected. Seeking professional help can save you money in the long run by identifying the problem early and by applying the right solution. It can also prevent possible unwanted damage in the future.

Universal City, TX, Northeastern Bexar County is home to Randolph Air Force Base, and Universal City lies just over the Union Pacific Railroad lines from the base’s main gate. Randolph and the cities of Converse, Live Oak, Selma, and Schertz surround the city’s 5.7 square miles. In late 1929, three doctors from San Antonio, Texas, named Henry H. Ogilvie (1885-1945), Witten B. Russ (1874-1964), and Samuel P. Cunningham (1876-1930), purchased farmland on the premise that the construction of a military airfield across the tracks would attract commercial and residential development. This idea was the germ of what would become Universal City. Aubrey Milner, the developer who laid out Universal City in 1931, named it after a fictional city in celebration of the anticipated global significance of the airport that was being built nearby. As a result, the population grew slowly over the first three decades. There were fewer than a thousand residents of Universal City in 1960.

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