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Having pests on your property is a big deal. Unfortunately, San Marcos, TX has several pests that can make their way to your home or business. And people who overlook their pest problems usually regret ignoring these little invaders.
Good thing you can rely on Tornado Pest Control for anything that concerns pest infestations. Tornado Pest Control has served the San Marcos, TX area for the last five years. And despite being relatively new to the industry, the company has become popular among businesses and homeowners thanks to its fast and effective approach to pest control.
In just a short period, we’ve become the number one company that offers pest control San Marcos TX. Our company provides effective yet affordable solutions for all your pest-related concerns. And because we are passionate about anything that involves pest control and removal, clients can expect that we don’t take any shortcuts.

A Unique Solution for Every Client in San Marcos, TX

If you’re wondering how we grew as a pest control company in just five years? It’s no secret that we have to double our efforts just to keep up with more experienced pest control companies that operate in San Marcos, TX.

But what made past clients choose our company is our approach to providing pest control services. We accepted the reality that all pest infestations can get tricky. And most of the time, it is a complicated case that requires our pest control technicians to pay close attention to the small details.
Given this reality, our company doesn’t offer a cookie-cutter solution in pest control. With years of providing pest control services in San Marcos, we realized that each client is different. To maintain the quality of work we deliver to our clients, we customize each treatment according to their situation.

Environmentally Conscious

We understand that some are hesitant to call their local pest control company because they fear for their loved ones and pets. With Tornado Pest Control, this isn’t going to be a problem.
We are the type of San Marcos pest control company that not just offers an effective solution to your pest concerns but also ensures that we do not harm the environment. Our eco-friendly pest control treatment is safe for both humans and pets.

24/7 Pest Control in San Marcos

We understand that some clients just can’t wait until the morning to have their pest-related problem solved. There are some cases when they need help as soon as possible. Tornado Pest Control is one of the few companies that offer 24/7 pest control services in San Marcos.

No Hidden Charges

We want our deals with our clients to be transparent. Though we don’t have a set price for our pest control services, we can provide you with an upfront pricing after we inspected the property. You can expect our price to be affordable compared to our competition. Plus, you can also guarantee that there will be no hidden charges.

Strategic Pest Control in San Marcos, TX

Ever wondered how pests can invade the entire home so fast? The reason for this is that pests can multiply fast.
Let’s take mice for example. One female mouse can give birth to around 5-10 liters per year. And that’s just a conservative estimate. Some sources would even say that a single mouse could give birth to 30 to 50 plus pups a year.
If you’re dealing with pests, you have no other choice but to act fast and find the right pest control company that you can depend on.
Tornado Pest Control is among the most trusted companies that offer pest control in San Marcos, TX. You can expect professional and dedicated pest control technicians who are ready to work on your problem once you reach out.
To make sure that we’re doing the right approach, we first conduct a thorough assessment. We inspect both inside and outside the property to see if there are conducive spots for pests to breed.
After inspecting the property, we’ll come up with an appropriate treatment that deals with the type of pests present within the property.
Using the latest products and advanced technologies in the industry, we guarantee to treat pest problems permanently.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Looking for a San Marcos pest control company that can solve your pest problems for good? All our services are 100% guaranteed. Tornado Pest Control guarantees that once we finish our treatments, clients can expect their property is free from pests.
If you’re not happy with our pest control services, we’ll be the ones to correct our mistakes. We will re-do the treatment and you don’t have to pay a dime for it.
Aside from offering pest control removal services in San Marcos, we also help clients set up precautionary measures that can prevent the same pests from returning. After this, our team will conduct post-treatment inspections to ensure that we’ve completed our job and we’ve eradicated the pests in your property.
Looking for a Pest Control Expert in San Marcos, TX?
Pests can do a lot of damage to your property. For homeowners, don’t be surprised if you find holes in your walls as well as damaged cables if you let these pests run loose. If you’re dealing with pests, the best move is to get help from professional pest control experts.
And if you want the very best pest control San Marcos TX, there’s Tornado Pest Control to handle all your pest-related complications. We can provide you with an eco-friendly treatment that will get rid of the pests but not hurt your family and pets. Plus, we offer a 100% guarantee on all our pest control services. Give us a call at (210) 391-9466 for more details. We are open 24/7.

Named by Business Insider in 2013 as one of the “10 Most Exciting Small Cities in America”, San Marcos is seen by many as the ideal place where they could start a family.

San Marcos is a city located in the Austin-Round Rock area. It has a relatively low population with just around 67,553 residents according to a 2020 census. Aside from its residential areas and small businesses, it is also known for its nature. There are even some endangered species found at San Marcos Springs.

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