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Are you one of the thousands of Annaville residents that have recently moved to this fantastic city? Lucky you — because it’s a beautiful place to live! But there’s one thing that might not be so wonderful if you’re not prepared for it: 

Annaville summers. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: “My town has hot summers too,” and while that may be true, luckily, there are ways to deal with a scorching hot Texas summer – like making sure your lawn is taken care of by an expert lawn care crew. We offer lawn care Annaville TX services that will help keep your lawn looking great all year long.

Lawn Care Services Annaville TX

Tornado Pest Control, LLC is a full-service lawn care company offering the highest quality landscaping services in the Annaville area. We take honor in our work and always provide our customers with the best quality service possible. Here are five reasons why Tornado Pest Control, LLC is the best choice for your lawn care needs:
  1. We have a passion for what we do: Our team has been trained in the latest techniques and technologies, and we believe every customer deserves an exceptional experience regarding their home’s landscape.
  2. We’re committed to our community: We firmly believe in returning the favor to those who have done so much for us, which is why we offer free services for veterans, seniors, and disabled homeowners who meet specific criteria.
  3. Our staff has years of combined experience in the industry: so you can rest assured that your lawn will be tended by professionals who know what they’re doing!
  4. We always go above and beyond when it comes to customer service: Along with free estimates, we also give free consultations so that you can get an idea of how much work will be included before signing on with one of our specialists!
  5. We offer affordable rates for our customers! If you haven’t used our services before, now’s your chance!

Lawn Care Company in Annaville TX

You can rely on a trustworthy business to deliver excellent service on time every time, and that company is Tornado Pest Control, LLC. We will be there when you call for us and also provide quality service. This is why it is essential to look for a reliable lawn care company in Annaville, TX, and not just any lawn care company. Below are some characteristics you should look for when searching for a trusted lawn care company in Annaville, TX:
  1. They Have a Good Reputation: A good reputation does not come easy, and it takes years of hard work to earn one. You should look for companies that have been around for several years and have established themselves as leaders in their industry. A good reputation will only grow if they continue providing quality customer service.
  2. They Are Licensed & Insured: You should look for lawn care companies with the proper licenses and insurance coverage required by law to cover any damages or injuries that might occur while working on your property.
  3. They Offer Free Estimates: Before hiring any lawn care company in Annaville, TX, make sure they offer free estimates so that you know exactly what kind of work needs to be done before signing any contracts with them!
These are the qualities that define everyone at Tornado Pest Control, LLC. We offer regular lawn care services, including mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing. We also provide bed maintenance and pest control services, including insect control and termite treatment.

Tree Cutting Service Annaville TX

We at Tornado Pest Control, LLC. Know that trees have a variety of benefits to our environment and can be a great addition to your property. However, we also understand that people may not always want trees on their property for various reasons. In these cases, it is essential to ensure that you take care of your trees in the best possible way. As a lawn care Annaville TX service provider, we have extensive knowledge about adequately taking care of your trees and keeping them safe from any damage caused by weather or pests.
When it comes to tree removal services in Annaville, TX, there are many different options available for customers who want help with this process. For example, some companies offer free estimates on tree removal costs. In contrast, others offer discounts if you sign up for annual service plans with them before getting started on any work done around your home or business premises.
While many people think they know how much it costs to remove a tree from their property because they’ve seen prices advertised online or heard about how much other people paid when they had theirs removed recently.
The price of a tree-cutting service depends on several factors. These include:
  • The type of tree you want to have cut down. Some trees are more accessible to cut than others, and some are more expensive than others. For example, there’s a big difference in price between a tree that needs to be cut down because it is dead and one that needs to be removed for aesthetic reasons.
  • Distance from the tree’s trunk to where it will be cut off. If you need your tree cut down so that there will be branches left over after it’s been removed, this can significantly add to your project’s cost.
  • The time frame for completion of the job. If you need your service completed quickly, you may have to pay more than if you were willing to wait longer for them to finish up their work process with slowdowns throughout each step along the way due to weather conditions or other issues outside their control (such as someone else’s schedule).

Get Your Lawn Care From the Best in Annaville!

Tornado Pest Control, LLC is your one-stop solution for all your lawn care needs in Annaville. A wide range of services is offered by us, from pest control to landscaping and everything in between. We take superbity in our ability to provide the best service possible with a focus on customer satisfaction. Serving the Annaville region is what we have done for years, and we have built an excellent reputation for providing honest, reliable customer service. Our company has worked hard to build relationships with local businesses and residents by providing them with quality services at reasonable prices.
Your confidence is something we want, and getting value for your money when you choose us as your lawn care provider. We offer a competitive price on all of our lawn care Annaville TX services, so there’s no need to shop around town! Call us today to book an appointment!
Frequently Asked Questions
There is a specific walking speed for applying the correct amount of product. A wide path covers a large area when the hose is spraying. It may appear to be fast, but because of the years of experience and training we provide our technicians, you can be confident that the proper amount of product is being applied.
Weeds grow in the soil and are carried by the wind and animals. The number of weeds that appear on a property is affected by hot weather and heavy rain. Weeds can be sprayed once they emerge from the soil. Some weeds are stubborn and must be sprayed several times.
We recommend waiting 24 hours before mowing your lawn after it has received treatment or products.
Most lawns require 5-6 feedings per year. You should fertilize your lawn during its growth phase, which is usually late spring or early summer for cool season grasses like fescues and bluegrasses.
Unfortunately, lawn fungus rarely goes away on its own. Though it may occasionally begin to resolve itself, it is more often than not a problem that will spread and worsen if left untreated.
The frequency of your lawn service will depend on the severity of your pest problems and the type of lawn you have. Our team at Tornado Pest Control will be able to provide you with a customized lawn care plan based on your specific needs.

Corpus Christi’s Annaville is a community in Nueces County in the Lone Star State. In 1940, Leo and Anna Stewart established the community of Annaville. Since the mid-1960s, when Corpus Christi annexed it, it has been part of the greater metropolitan region and is now next to the Calallen district. Those interested in the history of surfing can have a great time exploring the more than twenty displays at the Texas Surf Museum, located in the vicinity of Annaville. Most of the town’s inhabitants live in the many single-family homes that dot the landscape, each situated on spacious lots that guarantee its residents complete seclusion. In addition to apartments, there are also single-family homes in the area. Nature lovers of all stripes frequent Hilltop Park and Trails to take in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. The park has jogging paths, picnic spots, and playground equipment.

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