Is Landlord Responsible For Pest Control

Is Landlord Responsible For Pest Control
January 30, 2023

Laws governing landlords (owners) and pest management vary by state and city. But in almost every circumstance, the landlord is in charge of getting rid of pests in their properties. A building with a pest issue typically has them on both sides of the entire structure, not just in specific locations. This is because you may reasonably assume that if a particular building section has a pest problem, this pest dilemma is already present in your apartment or another area of your property. 

Landlords and Pest Control

Landlords must ensure that their homes are free of rodents and insects. Pest control, including eradication and preventive operations, is the landlord’s responsibility. The initial pest control services may have been paid for by the landlord or be included in the monthly payments. If not, the landlord will undoubtedly expect you to settle for it yourself.

It is feasible, though tough, to prevent these pests from entering your home. If your landlord refuses action, you might have to contact the health authorities or a pest control company. You may also want legal counsel if your landlord has refused to address the problem.

Who Is Accountable For Pest Control?

Pest control is the duty of the landlord. Your landlord should compensate you for any pest problems you encounter. You should hire an exterminator immediately if they aren’t paying for it. It would be best if you eliminated these pests before the disease spreads. Tenants should only pay for pest control services if they are dealing with such an issue caused by their negligence or carelessness. 

When Should Landlords Pay?

This is determined by who owns the facility. So when the landlord owns the building, they must pay for any required pest control services. Renters must only pay if they desire more treatment than is necessary to avoid infestations in shared spaces such as corridors and laundry facilities. If an owner wants renters to pay for all pest treatment costs, they should write this in their rental contract before signing so that there is no uncertainty about who pays for what when it pertains to pests in residences.

What Should Tenants Do If They Discover Pests?

Before moving into an apartment, check for leaks or holes in the building’s walls or floors. Pests can penetrate your home through these openings, making it simpler to allow them to disseminate the existing building. Notify your landlord instantly if you discover any pests in your residence. They want to solve the situation as quickly as possible to ensure that no one else becomes ill due to the outbreak. If you don’t feel at ease doing something like this manually or your landlord will not take measures, contact a professional exterminator immediately.


Nobody likes to deal with pest or infestation problems while renting a home. Furthermore, as a landlord, it is a good idea to have a yearly pest inspection performed to secure your property with a monthly pest control service. Please contact Tornado Pest Control LLC if you are suffering pest infestations. Our team is always available to help, and we will work hard to ensure that your property is pest free.