Are There Free Bee Removal Services?

Are There Free Bee Removal Services?
December 27, 2022

Eliminating bee swarms is not something unequipped individuals should do on their own, but this does not mean you have to bring in a professional pest control service. It is possible to have bees removed in a kind and humane manner, and in some instances, the service is even provided at no cost, as some beekeepers don’t charge for it.

$0 Charge Bee Removal

When bees are not embedded in the structure of a house or building or attached to it, certain counties in the U.S. offer free bee removal

Private Property

In the U.S., several cities/counties give free non-structural bee removal from bushes, trees, or when the bees are out in the open. Africanized bees live in major cities. This policy likely originated from efforts to curb the spread of “killer bees” in the Americas. Due to stricter weather, beekeepers prefer more vital bees. Free counties Bee removal doesn’t remove structural bees from a home, building, or structure. 

City/State Property

In the U.S., cities, counties, and states handle bees on public property. Cities sometimes hire a bee or pest company. A pest company is engaged if the city can’t find a live bee remover with the required insurance.

Beekeepers offer free non-structural live bee eradication. California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Texas, and Florida offer less free bee eradication. Depending on distance and convenience, beekeepers may provide free bee removal outside of big cities.

Expert In Pest Control

You’ll need to work with a pest control specialist or professional beekeeper who can relocate or remove the bees. The bees need to be collected—often using a soft vacuum that won’t damage them—and placed into a temporary hive for storage. The nest or hive is removed or shifted to a safer location, mainly if the bees are effective pollinators. 

Depending on the kind of bees and their colony, the cost of bee removal ranges from $150 to $500 on average. A misplaced swarm of bees, a colony without a hive, will cost you about $150 to relocate.

Why Should You Spend Money On Bee Removal Services?

When performing the removal of bees, competent and registered beekeepers will incur fees. Beekeepers have the knowledge, experience, and self-assurance necessary to interact with sensitive creatures like honeybees.

There are costs associated with re-hive operations, including travel fees, the purchase of necessary equipment and beehives, and, in some cases, labor costs associated with the utilization of skilled employees to assist in the operation. 

The beekeeper’s fee must be discussed and agreed upon in advance with the beekeeper. If you are convinced that the bee population should not be wiped out, you must clarify your position right from the beginning.

If You Have Bees, Let’s Help!

Tornado Pest Control can assist you with the removal of bees from your property. We provide expert bee removal services for all types of bees. We have the tools & experience to safely remove your bees and relocate them to an area where they will not be a risk to you or your family. Contact us at (210) 391-9466 for immediate assistance.