Are Bed Bugs Bad For Pregnancy?

Are Bed Bugs Bad For Pregnancy?
December 27, 2022

Itchy, swelling, pink lesions with a blister-like core may result after a bed bug bite. Some individuals may also get blisters on the patterns or tracks left by the bed bugs’ successive feedings. Bed bug bites are unsightly and irritating, which can be stressful for expecting mothers.

Aside from being an annoyance, bed bugs have been linked to health issues due to fears that they might spread illness. As a result, many pregnant moms wonder if being bitten by bed bugs might negatively affect their newborns.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous During Pregnancy?

The good news is that no infectious illnesses are thought to be transmitted to people by bed bugs. There would be no immediate danger to the developing baby from a bed bug bite during pregnancy. Nonetheless, pregnant women may have mild to moderate pain from a bite and, in rare cases, a more severe reaction such as a systemic allergic reaction.

Bed Bug Bite Risks During Pregnancy

Anemia and sepsis are the most severe complications that might arise from a bite from these insects during pregnancy. However, such occurrences are few. In some cases, dealing with bed bugs may raise the likelihood of a miscarriage.

Extreme Itchiness And Hypersensitivity

As was previously mentioned, everyone reacts differently to their bites. As a bare minimum, you might break out in a rash of red, itchy bumps. You might have an allergic response and need medication. Therefore, you should see a doctor to determine which medicines are safe for you to use while pregnant. Bed bugs and their bites can still have minimal effects on you and your unborn child if you keep these things in mind. You should get checked ups immediately if you notice any other symptoms following a bite.

Troubled Sleep

Sleeplessness is a typical symptom of many different issues. You only need to get enough sleep now that a growing human being is inside of you. An increased chance of miscarriage is a direct result of sleep deprivation. Irritation from the bites adds up to your uncomfortable situation. 

Constant Worrying And Stress

It’s understandable to feel anxious about sleeping in a space you associate with these pests simply because you’ll be thinking about it. Aside from restless nights, persistent concern over protecting yourself and dealing with problems may put your entire health in danger.

Bedbug Bite Remedies When Pregnant

  • Apply witch hazel to the bites. It reduces swelling, itching, etc.
  • A paste of baking soda and peppermint oil can alleviate itching.
  • Use Aloe Vera gel. This antibacterial and antimicrobial gel reduces skin infection risk.
    If everything else fails and you are already dealing with a severe infestation, you are strongly advised to call specialists as soon as possible. Take their advice on your situation and the best techniques to eliminate bugs in your home without endangering your pregnancy.
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