5 Best Ways To Remove Scorpions

5 Best Ways To Remove Scorpions
December 27, 2022

Scorpions are among the most dangerous creatures in the desert and worldwide. They live and hide in places like logs, rocks, and holes in the ground, and their venomous stings can cause paralysis and even death. Scorpions can now be found in rural or desert areas and urbanized areas with a high density of homes and buildings. Here are some tips to safely and effectively remove scorpions from your property.

Always Keep Your Yard Clean
Scorpions are highly poisonous insects. It’s possible to stumble upon them in the grassy areas close to your home. They usually hide in places where they can gain access. To get rid of them, clean up your house and dispose of any trash where they can hide. Nothing at all should be allowed to linger in the yard. Make certain that there are no dead leaves or pieces of paper on the ground, as these attract scorpions to your garden. Also, keep the grass mowed regularly so there are no large bushes or trees where they can hide.

Examine All Possible Entrances

To eliminate scorpions, check all possible entry points, such as window cracks, wall seams, etc. Scorpions frequently enter your home through cracks and holes. Sealing and repairing them as soon as you find them is critical, or they’ll return when you’re not looking.
Scorpions can crawl through various materials, including pipes, electrical wires, soda cans, and doorways. Seal off any possible entry points in the ceiling and the bottoms of your doors and windows. Installing window screens impenetrable by scorpions is another option if you live in a scorpion-infested area.

Keep Your Home Clean Regularly

Scorpions are drawn to soiled, leftover areas of a home. Insects that inhabit empty containers and other enclosed areas are a favorite meal. The best way to prevent a scorpion infestation is to maintain a clean home, never leave food out overnight, and routinely inspect trash cans, recycling bins, and other storage containers.

Check That There Are No Items Piled Up Around The House

Scorpions may find shelter in stacks of non-garbage items, such as old furniture, wires, computers, and other assorted knickknacks kept in the garage or warehouse. They can stay hidden from us here in peace. Leave this jumble alone for a few weeks, and scorpions will make a home in it. To nest, they simply stack up sheets, furs, and clothing. Examine those stacks carefully if you value your life and want to avoid being stung by scorpions.

Plant Lavender

Planting lavender around the house is the simplest way to keep scorpions away. Lavender is an aromatic flower that is commonly used in aromatherapy. Not only will your home smell amazing, but releasing a scent around your home will keep scorpions from entering in the first place.


If you notice scorpions in your home, take action immediately. Use the tips above to keep scorpions away from your house and family! But removing and preventing scorpions can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why you should call Tornado Pest Control LLC today! We can help safely and effectively remove your unwanted scorpions.